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Our Mission

To foster IRL (in real life) social interactions for youth through Coaching, Connections and Competitions using esports as the glue. 

Destigmatizing esports and gaming through:



We offer youth an opportunity to learn game strategies from coaches who are also passionate about gaming.  They share their experience & knowledge during practices and prepare the teams for competing in the season’s tournaments.  All coaches are interviewed and hand selected and must pass a thorough background check. 



Participating in the league allows youth to get out of their rooms and into our arena where they will socialize, learn and compete with and against other players in their age division and gives them an outlet to share their love of gaming. 



 Rivalries spark competitive drive, strategic thinking and respect for opponents. With skill development from coaches and working within their team connections, gamers in the league improve their skills each week.  Tournaments challenge them and the teams are rewarded with Champions trophies and awards.