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a Competitive Team Gaming League for Youth

a Competitive Team Gaming League for Youth

a Competitive Team Gaming League for Youtha Competitive Team Gaming League for Youtha Competitive Team Gaming League for Youth

Getting Kids Out of Their Rooms and Into our Arena!

Welcome to little eLeague


little eLeague is a Competitive Team Gaming League for Youth in the Jacksonville, Florida area. 

We hope to extend to other cities as we grow and expand in the future.  

The Basics....

  1. Gamers register in their age division to compete with and against their peers during a 12 week season.  
  2. Coaches work with teams of players in their area of town and schedule practices during the week and weekends.
  3. Competition Matches are played over several weekends during the season. Teams earn rankings and points based on their placement in weekly tournaments.
  4. A Season ending Championship for each division will decide winners with prizes and trophies awarded to the victors!

Isn't this Cool? Want to help us get it started?

Jacksonville Florida's Inaugural Youth eSports Season will be starting soon.

Be a part of history.  We are currently gauging player interest and looking for players. 

If you are interested in Volunteering as a Coach, please let us know!

We will begin signups for our inaugural season soon.  Stay tuned.


Q. What exactly is esports?

A:  esports or electronic sports is a multiplayer video game played competitively for spectators. 

Q: This sounds cool, but how much does it cost?

A: Participation fees will be similar to traditional youth sports programs. We are in the process of working out a fair pricing plan and our goal is to provide a great experience for everyone. The fees pay for team jerseys, game licenses, high end gaming computers and arena facilities. In addition, for players who sign up early, we will be giving them some extra perks during the season.  

Q: What are the age divisions?

A: There may be 5 Age Divisions that will allows kids to choose their level of play based on their comfort and skill level.

     Ages Divisions:{8-10}, {10-12}, {12-14}, {14-16}, {16-17}

Q: What games does the league play?

A: The Competitive Games are chosen by the league's Game Committee.  There will be at least 2 of the popular titles played during the season, but the main games will be Indie style, co-operative and multi-player games that allow the coaches and kids to work together as a team to find the best way to compete against the other teams. Games vary from season to season and will be a mix of several genres.  All games will be age specific and rated accordingly for each division.

Q: I'm a parent gamer, can I play in the league.

A: Not exactly, little eLeague is for youth players, but you can register as a coach and help mentor the next generation of game leaders.  Coaches will also get some extra perks, like using one of the gaming laptops!  There also may be opportunities for kid vs parent events throughout the season!

Q: When will you start the league?

A: We are working hard to get everything ready to go.  We are still actively looking for Coaches and Locations to Host our Teams.  Once we finalize the Who and Where, it won't be long before we have the When.  Hang in there with us as we work towards creating a great experience and we hope to have start dates soon.

Why Join little eLeague?


Here are a few reasons...

 For Kids:

  • Get out of your room. Come play in real life with your friends without annoying your parents.
  • Make new friends who also love gaming
  • Build and test your skills through practice and competition
  • High Fives and Fist Bumps
  • Cool Team Jerseys
  • Learn about future career opportunities
  • Mentoring from Coaches and Peers
  • Play new games and experiences on fast computers
  • Practice for trying out for your high school team

For Parents:

  • To stop saying "go out and play"
  • To get your kids out of their rooms
  • Show support for your kids love of gaming
  • You can use the time at the arena as game time played for the week
  • To understand the esports culture. (It’s here to stay!)
  • To learn about opportunities, scholarships and career paths in gaming for your kids
  • To prepare them for high school or college teams (Yes, they exist!)

Let us Help You Prepare for High School and College Teams

High Schools and Colleges across the country already have or will have Varsity esports teams.  Kids can get a head start on learning how to play together as part of a team.  There are many college scholarships for gamers and many new carreer opportunities in esports and the video gaming industries.  Our future initiatives are to work with High Schools to help them start their esports clubs and to offer college scholarships to gamers for those who want to pursue a career in  esports.

If you are a school administrator or program director, we would love to talk to you about how we can help you start an eSports or team.  Please send us an email at

Please Donate So We Can "Gear Up" for Our Inaugural Season

The little eLeague program is owned and operated by Awkward Croc Entertainment, Inc.